Nautico Fountain


Water flows around in the currents of the seas around the whole planet. It is in the atmosphere in constant movement; flows in our human bodies and in all what is alive.

No life form in so varied manner like on the earth would be possible without water in creation. All life comes to movement by the element water and we need it daily.

H2O is a chemical compound from the elements hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O). Water is the only chemical connection on the earth in the nature as a liquid, as a solid state and as a gas it seems.

If water stands in movement under friction, it is increased oxygen freely. How you can ascertain it on stony rivers in the nature.

With a marine fountain they receive a special and natural design object one refreshing and effect in her close surroundings will generate. This strength is perceptible immediately and looks softly stimulating.

Artificial wells of plastic or other materials do not generate this efficiency. Because it depends very much with the vaporization on the naturalness and the surface of the material.

Every water object of marine Fountain is a unique specimen of the nature. The base element is descended from the sea and is rescued from a depth up to 30m. Besides, the withdrawal the ecosystem of the underwater world is not affected on it respectably or damages. Nothing is taken from the sea where rare corals and itself rare other life has settled.

Many people loose themselves in the speed of the modern life. Water reduces or extinguishes the fire. The fire burns so much in our lives in these times and is the strength also during wars expresses. Fire is the male and water is the female, we have forgotten that.

A Nautico Fountain will support you to relax and help you to be in the flow. We are all on the journey with the waves in our lives. Be connected to the source and our mother, the only one we have. We are divers and send you a softly breeze of wind with love to the seven seas.

Every fountain contains a piece of human legacies from the sea. These do not diminish the effect and the value of the object. It can concern, on this occasion, small elements of sunken boat hulls and their constructions. Or, however, also other what was abandoned. During the years the sea influences these materials and these elements creates a special artistic unique mark to every Nautico Fountain. I see this as a symbolic contribution around the responsibility of the human on this earth and the sea again.