At a consultation your individual wishes are always in the foreground.

Teamwork is the base

You would like to have an analysis according to the focal points also for design goals that will help you with a modernization or conversion?

As a longtime interior designer who was busy with interior as well as classic architecture, I know many materials and know which combinations of form and material make sense. Thus you not only benefit from the holistic system of Feng Shui, but also from space psychology and from my know-how as an interior designer.

Through the consultations of the past, I have been able to establish that a holistic design at home will also be noticeable in your work-flow workflow. This is because a harmonious and vital home will make you physically and mentally more powerful. It does not matter which company or profession you are in.

You would like to have your existing rooms analyzed?

Overview of the supportet areas:


You will receive an individual written and pictorial analysis to better understand the advice that a plan supports for the implementation.

As a certified Qi-MAG consultant and longtime experienced interior designer I offer you easy to understand solutions for any design project.

Excerpt from an analysis that contains important information that you will receive during the consultation.


You would like to have your existing rooms analyzed? Then you should generally understand a consulting fee not as a cost, but as an investment. Reason is that you will save time and money through my experience because my advice also corresponds to that of an interior designer / interior designer. This is independent of the object in private or business.

First Apointment or Meeting on the projekt

Includes a first analysis, focus and the solutions that arise during the consultation.

from 150,00€ -300,00€

This already includes a documentation with an analysis and solutions by focus.

More on request, because the advice depends on your plans.