About Me

The Stone, a tree and me

The picture is now a few years old, but it shows me in a special place. The tree and the stone strive for a synergy that we can not see. In the consideration of the laws of nature this is logical. Yin the stone is dormant, firm, stable and barely changing, the tree is the opposite of the yang, in proportion softer, more mobile and in change according to the 4 seasons of nature. In growth, development, rooted in the earth. And this nestles harmoniously to the stone to get more hold. It shows us humans how it can be, with each other.

I have experienced a lot in my life and learned a lot about nature from different cultures, which I would like to carry on. Knowledge, insights and applications that have existed for millennia and thousands of years. Nature, the earth is our home where we are connected with everything. With my work, I would like to suggest this to my fellow humans something that is close to my heart. Many diseases, such as burnout as we know it today, often have to do with unconscious design. Apparently, the circle within nature is associated with this we are from arm to kingdom. It is important to rediscover this if we want to preventively promote longevity and health. Also to perhaps feel the singularity, the unity of us humans with nature again. For harmony, peace, joy in a good coexistence on a global level. My customers could and can still today from my rich experience and the benefits of what I have left in the consultations. A treasure that connects you with the timeless and boundless that we call life.

Dr. Bruce Lipton

My training, better experience comes from the field of technology, architecture (25 years of interior design), alternative medicine and a globetrotter who has visited many cultures. These include aboriginal Australians, Tibetan monks, wise Asian scholars, musicians from Africa or the aborigines of South America. Every culture has a wealth of experience, knowledge that we can and should share. I also have good contacts to scientists and physicists working in particle and quantum physics. These have pointed out to me like others that Feng Shui is not esotericism, but also logically points to the unity and the action of natural laws whose rules are timelessly important to us humans. That’s why I see the term environment rather unfavorable, since in fact is to speak of a fellow world.

Prof. Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim

The oldest calligraphy for the description of wind & water.
On the left you can see the gentle movements of wind & water and on the right a vessel.
That’s what my work as Feng Shui consultant is all about.
To optimize the effectiveness of people’s living environments and to optimize them for their well-being, their families and their employees. For a better cooperation also with nature. Look forward to wonderful insights and the impact of the recommendations.

Let love rule