Appartement & House

You would like to redesign your living space, would you like a planning aid and, in advance, a holistic analysis that supports you in your project?
You want to optimize the architecture, interior design & interior and learn where changes to the existing design quickly develop a positive effect?
You want to support the development, health and vitality of your family and realize that, for example, Sleep problems in the children there?
If you can only answer one question with yes, then an analysis of the existing room situation makes sense.

Die Regelwerke der Natur werden in vielen Kulturen der Welt erkannt und genutzt zum Wohle der menschlichen Gemeinschaften.

The classic task of a Feng Shui consultant is to tune in on you and your living space. To show you meaningful solutions, no matter in which area you will feel their effects.

My job also protects you from making a bad investment.

Where can I support you:

  • Choosing the ideal apartment or house in case you have not decided yet
  • Analysis of existing architecture, interior design and situation
  • Planning with you and maybe your architect for the design (structure, color, furniture, lighting, etc.)
  • Optimization and revitalization of the existing premises
  • Space psychology & art in the living space
  • Sleep place study for you and your family
  • Geomantic appraisal for home and garden
  • Power places and minimizing the effect of fault zones
  • Assistance in landscaping when you are planning
  • Zen-Garten Design
  • Waterdragon Feng Shui / Water for Vitality in House & Garden / Design
  • Chineschische Astrology

Look forward to opening a door that will connect you in a special way with your home, the surrounding nature and the place where you live.

I am happy to answer any questions.

This graphic shows in a nice way, what the advice for you and your family is about.